Haybine Yoke

Haybine Yoke

I wrote previously about my workaround fix for the haybine. The threaded rod wasn't quite strong enough for the job, and it broke once. It took me about 30 minutes to get everything up and running again, so I wanted to fix it the right way to minimize down time. I bought a replacement yoke from the junkyard, but it hooked up a little different than the original piece. It shouldn't be a problem, but combine that with the fact I didn't want to waste the original part, and I decided to fix it.

Haybine yoke before

The left side of the yoke was bent so far that the pin that secured the PTO collar to the yoke no longer fit. This is really heavy duty metal, so the only way to fix this was to heat the metal up, hammer it flat, heat it again, and quench the metal in oil to strengthen the metal. It worked great!

Haybine yoke after

The only step left is to clean the oil off and paint the metal to prevent rust. Now I've got a spare part if something goes wrong with the other one!