Wasps and Yellow Jackets

Wasps and Yellow Jackets

Last week I was helping my neighbor work on his truck, and we had to kill a wasp nest in the carport. We had a really bad wasp problem last year, and I made the stupid remark about how I got run out buildings last year by wasps but I hadn't really seen many nests this year.

Everything was going smoothly when we were loading the trailer for the hay delivery. We decided to load from the double stall to try and knock that pile down some.

Double stall full of hay

We ran the hay elevator from the boards on the left down to the trailer. I was on the trailer picking the bales up of the elevator and stacking them on the trailer. I picked a bale up, and apparently a wasp had taken a ride down the elevator with the hay. I got stung on my stomach, and it didn't feel too great. After lots of yelling, we finished out the trailer without further incident. We made a huge dent in the pile.

Double stall first load

Just a few short days after that, one of my regular customers wanted a larger than normal order. I decided to pull from that same double stall since it was a large enough order to warrant climbing back on top of the pile. This time I decided just to throw the bales over the wall and onto the ground below for the customer to then load in their trailer. One of the bales I threw hit a post. It turns out there were yellow jackets living in that post, and they started swarming. I got stung twice. At this point, we couldn't load hay until the yellow jackets calmed down. I decided this would be a good time to spray their nest, and in doing so got stung three or four more times. It took quite a while for the spray to start working, but we were finally able to finish out the load without anymore stings. This got the pile down quite a bit too!

Double stall second load

I'm hoping we uncovered all of the wasp and yellow jacket nests in there, but I can guarantee I won't make stupid comments about not seeing wasps again.