Equipment Ramp

Equipment Ramp

One of the existing buildings on the farm is a huge workshop. In addition to standard workshop space, there's also a lane on the side that's wide enough to store equipment without getting in the way of the work space. The lane has carriage doors leading into the workshop that are wide enough to get fairly large equipment in. I used it to store mowers, the tiller, and a leaf vac. Unfortunately there's quite a big gap between the ground and the workshop where these carriage doors are, so you have to lift the equipment up into the shop. As I've mentioned before, I'll look for any excuse to get out of a chore I hate (yes, I love to cut hay but hate cutting the yard). Usually I'll either use the lift on the workshop as either a reason to not mow or a reason to junk up my carport. I decided adding a ramp would be a worthwhile project.

Workshop doors before

I let the area grow up quite a bit, so the first step was to mow down the weeds and grass in front of the doors.

Workshop doors mowed

Once the mowing was done, I could see well enough to build the frame for the ramp.

Ramp frame

With the frame completed, I just needed to add the the decking. To save lumber and prevent issues from expansion and contraction of the wood, I decided to leave a significant gap between each board. To keep the spacing consistent, I used a piece of scrap wood and cut a shim that I could use to layout the boards. Once the spacing was done, all that was left was sinking the screws.

Ramp finished

The ramp works great, and it makes getting the mowing done less of a chore.