New Gate

New Gate

Last year's fall garden didn't do so well. I let the garden get completely overrun with weeds so badly I could barely tell what was supposed to be growing and what wasn't. I hate pulling weeds, and I'll look for any excuse to get out of it. One of my admittedly terrible excuses was that I had to walk all the way around to get to the garden. Even though it's right next to my yard, I either had to use the front gate or the back gate and walk through the hay field. This is more obnoxious when you need multiple trips for tools. Since I'm committed to a quality garden this year, I decided to add a gate that opens directly into the garden so I can easily get myself and tools into the garden for maintenance.

The first step was to add a new wooden post we could use for the gate.

New gate post rotated

Once the post was installed, I stapled the wire to the new post and started cutting the wire halfway between the new post and the existing post.

Cut barbed wire

Once all strands were cut, I needed to wrap them on the post and staple them to the other side.

Wire wrapped

The last (and most exciting step) was to hang the new gate.

New gate

So far this gate is working out perfectly. It makes getting to the garden much easier, and it's wide enough to get the mower and the Gator through.