One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

Today marks my one year anniversary at the farm. It's been a very busy but amazing year with a ton of good lessons along the way. Some days it feels like it's only been a couple of months, other days it feels like I've been here forever.

When I moved in, I had a list of projects and to-do items that I already planned out before closing on the farm. Since then, priorities have changed quite a bit. I've done a lot that was on my list, but I've also taken some off that I decided weren't as important to me anymore. This past year has been the year of equipment--either purchasing, selling, or fixing. This was necessary to make sure the hay could be cut, baled, and put in the barn. A lot of other projects were deferred either because the equipment needed more time and/or money invested. I'm hopefully getting caught up on that, and going forward I hope to mostly be doing routine maintenance and minor fixes.

Now that the equipment is (mostly) under control, hopefully some of the other projects will be moving up the list. I finally got a good, permanent garden space put in after last fall's failed attempt. Unfortunately I missed the Spring growing season because there was so much work to be done preparing for hay season, but we have a great start on this fall's crop. Putting the garden in identified other projects I would like to do such as adding a cover over a sitting area near the garden. I would like to add more fruit trees to complement what I grow in the garden.

Other projects have more or less disappeared from the list. When I first moved in, I was convinced I needed to rewire the house so I could have grounded outlets and three wires at the light switches. After living here a year, I've learned where my grounded outlets are and how to work with what I have. The only electrical projects I'm terribly interested in are adding a fan to my bedroom, fixing the electrical in the blacksmith shop, and running electric to the barn.

The biggest house improvement project I had was painting. I wanted to put my own feeling of home on the place, so I felt like painting would be a good way to do this. Other than that, I haven't spent much time or money fixing the house. At some point I would like to replace the carpet, but mostly for functional reasons. Carpet doesn't mix well with dogs and farm life. To be honest, I mostly spend time in the house for sleeping with the rest of my time outside. I would rather invest into the production portions of the farm than on the house.

I've now taken up hay twice. The first time around was mostly just learning the equipment, and the second time was for keeps. Last year we cut a total of five or six acres and it went pretty well. This year we cut 27 acres of hay, and I'm pretty sure the hay won. I learned a lot, and we're constantly improving the process.

The best part is that I always have a great view available. I can always step out my door and see a sunrise, a sunset, the hay fields, plants blooming, or wildlife passing through. This year has been great, and I look forward to many, many more on this farm.