Hay Tedder

Hay Tedder

We learned quite a few lessons from the wet hay. The first was that we need to be testing hay before we bale it. The second was that it needed to be teddered earlier. It's hard to schedule that when you rely on someone else to do that for you, so I started looking for my own tedder. Brand new tedders are outrageously expensive. There aren't a ton of used ones on the market, so it took quite a bit of looking and patience.

I found one not too far from home, so I went to look at it and ultimately purchased it.

When you enter the field, you extend the two folded arms out which gives you four baskets for a total of 17 feet. I wanted a four basket instead of two basket (10 foot width) to minimize time and diesel spent.

It successfully got me through the last 18 acres of the first cutting.

It needs some repairs for sure, and I plan to get through those by the fall cutting for a (hopefully) easier time.