Taking Up Hay

Taking Up Hay

With the rain cleared out, it was time to work on getting the first cut of the year up. I didn't have the labor or enough dry days in a row to hay the whole property, so I picked out about nine acres. The first step was to cut the hay with my new haybine.

The cutting went much faster with the haybine than the sickle mower. The fields looked amazing after it was done.

Now that the field was cut, it was time to let the hay dry down. My neighbor was also kind enough to come tedder the back field for me where the hay was thickest. Once it dried down, it was time to rake the hay.

Now that the hay was raked, we got started baling. The plan was to do three acres on the first day and six acres on the second day. My friend came up to help the first day. The baler wagon hitch was a huge help and decreased the physical labor quite a bit.

We baled until around 10:30 that night and finally got in bed around midnight. The next day started at 5:30 getting the wagons unloaded, raking the back field, and buying some parts that broke on the baler (more on that later).

The next day my friend had to go home, so my parents enlisted one of their friends to help. My neighbor also showed up with his baler and wagon, so we were able to get that field baled in no time. Having great neighbors is a huge help on a farm.