Fixing the Haybine

Fixing the Haybine

During the test run of my haybine, I ran into an issue with the PTO shaft. There's a U bracket that the PTO shaft sits in, and a collar goes around the PTO shaft at that point. A bolt goes through the bracket, into the collar, and out the other side of the bracket. A plate is then bolted on top of the collar to keep the hydraulic hoses off the ground. The bolt going through the U bracket had broken off at some point, and the U bracket was bent. When I hit a bump, the PTO shaft bounced out of the bracket and hit the ground.

The official parts to fix this would have been around $350. I saw no need to buy new parts and figured I could fabricate something. The first step was to fabricate a bolt, but the length was difficult to find. I decided to buy a threaded rod that was the correct diameter.

With the threaded rod installed, it was time to trim it down to size and tighten the nuts.

The next step was to install the plate on top. One of the bolts going into the top of the collar had been broken at the head, so I couldn't use a wrench to take it out.

To remove the bolt, I used a bolt extraction kit.

I purchased two new bolts from the hardware store. The plate was slightly bent as well, so I hammered it flat enough to fit over the collar correctly. Now I just needed to install the plate.

This should hold for a very long time, and at the costs of a threaded rod, two lock nuts, and two bolts instead of $350.