2018 Pumpkins

2018 Pumpkins

Sorry for the delayed posts. Winter is usually fairly slow, but this year is definitely the exception to that rule. If you've been checking us out on Instagram, you're probably fairly caught up on what's been going on.

We put out a fairly big fall garden this year, but we were really late getting everything in. We went a little overboard on pumpkins, but I was hoping to have some to sell. Unfortunately we didn't get the pumpkins out until after Halloween, and I found out that most people don't know how to make pie from scratch out of pumpkins. We decided to can a small amount and freeze most of what we got.

Our biggest pumpkin was huge! It filled up a wheelbarrow by itself and weighed over 130 pounds.

Pumpkins 2018 2

Our total haul filled up the bed of the truck.

Pumpkins 2018 1

It turns out we got some cross pollination between our squash and pumpkin plants and ended up with some neat looking hybrids.

Squash hybrids

The pumpkins took over more of the garden than I expected this year, so next year they will be going somewhere else. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the yield considering how much water these sat in a majority of the fall.